About CTN


Transformation is aided by the following processes being in full operation.

VISION CASTING: For transformation to take place thousands of people need to be envisioned with the potential of what they can do in helping in the process. Videos, Manuals, large gatherings, one to one talks, discussion groups, prayer, and consultations will need to be an ongoing process that will envision strategic people who want to get involved in working together.

SOCIAL ACTION: The social issues of the city are being addressed and strategized in. This would include HIV/AIDS, Poverty, Street Children, Self Help Groups, Micro enterprise, community development, environment, etc.

CHURCH PLANTING: A strategic plan needs to emerge within every ward, panchayat, municipality, and neighborhood of the city that strategizes to see a church within walking distance of every person that is relevant to them in language, culture, and methodology.

PRAYER: The Chennai Prayer network is already in existence as well as other networks such as Chennai Intercessors. These networks will need to continue to grow across the city. There will need to be Prayer Coordinators in every ward, municipality, panchayat or neighborhood as well as in every key sector of the city such as the Cinema field. Prayer could include All night prayer, 52 weeks of prayer for the city, Prayer walking, Prayer Stations, Prayer Concerts and other forms that saturate the city with Prayer.

RECONCILATION: For the city to be reached the Christians of the City need to be United. Nothing will stop transformation more than churches that are fighting with one another. Prayer Summits have proven to be a great strategy to unite church leaders across denominational barriers. Prayer Concerts and other innovative ideas can be promoted that will help to unite the church in the city to work together.

TRAINING OF LAITY: The mobilization of laity into every sector of the city will be of paramount importance if transformation is to take place. Leaders will be needed for church leadership, project leadership, discipleship, community development, community organizing, etc.

RESEARCH: To gain an accurate understanding of the needs of the city as well as the progress research will be needed. This research should include the Harvest Force Data which records how many churches are presently in the city. It should also include the Harvest Field information which is data on those that are outside the church. Case studies could also be done on each ward that shows where the church is growing and why. Crime Mapping is another strategy that can be utilized to see what problems are taking place where in each geographical location of the city and how the church can respond. Anna Nagar may have a high day time burglary rate whereas T. Nagar has a high prostitution rate.

STRUCTURE OF OPERATIONS: We envision a flat structure that is not a hierarchy of operations but a movement that can be implemented at the grassroots of each location of the city.

CORE GROUP: Will give strategic oversight to the movement in the city. This core group may comprise of 15-30 people made up of some of the leaders from the groups below or others who can help.

GEOGRAPHICAL LEADERS: Each ward, panchayat, municipality, or neighborhood will require geographical leadership teams that work together for transformation. These leaders and their teams will develop plans, goals, and strategies for their own areas.

LEADERS IN AREAS OF INFLUENCE IN THE CITY: We envision leadership teams that will give direction in each of the 7 mind molders (the spheres of the Arts, Business, Compassion Services, Dissemination of information (Media), Education, Family, Government) of the city as well as other key areas of influence. They will develop their own plans for transformation.

ISSUE GROUP LEADERS: Social Action, Saturation Church Planting, Research, Training, Prayer etc will all emerge with their own leadership structures that will help bring growth to the transformation movement.